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The majority of frequently asked issues about exclusive right to sell agreements cannot be answered in a single way. Each real estate agent will have a different preference for the length of a listing agreement. The typical days on the market should be taken into consideration when asking about the duration of a listing agreement. A 90-day listing agreement might not be sufficient if your local real estate market’s average days on the market are 75.

When selling a home, we provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan. The days of putting a sign in front of a house and waiting for someone to buy it are long gone. With the evolution and impact of the internet on the real estate industry, it is critical that your home be marketed not only through “traditional” avenues such as newspapers and mailings, but also through maximum exposure online.
Preparing a home for showings can be a full-time job in and of itself. A well-prepared home for showings will most likely sell faster than the competition. We partner with some of the best home-staging services throughout California, so you can just sit back and relax.
Although open houses are not required to sell a home, they are still a recommended strategy. We ensure that your boundaries are met, and we discuss your thoughts on open houses to ensure that you are comfortable hosting an open house.

Yes, foreigners can safely buy property in Mexico and enjoy the full rights of ownership

Buying in México is quite different than buying in the USA. However, it can be done in a completely safe manner. The most important component in the purchase of real estate in México is a qualified, knowledgeable, local real estate specialist from a reputable, recognizable company working for your benefit. They can guide you to safely accessible property and guide you through the purchase process with the seller, lawyer, and notary.

In 1973 there was a constitutional amendment called Foreign Investment Law which allowed foreigners to purchase land in the borders and coasts by way of a Trust through a Mexican Bank (Fideicomiso). This trust assures the buyer all the rights and privileges of ownership and can be sold, inherited, leased, or transferred at any time.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Mexico and are not sure that it is a wise investment, take this in consideration:

If you are buying property in the US

  • Do you jump right in or do you do your research?
  • Do you go to a certified and trusted realtor or do you use the first one you find in the phone book?
  • Do you make sure that the property has no litigation problems or do you buy anyway?

The way to making sure you have a good and safe investment is common sense. The basic rule to consider is “If you would not do it on the US, don’t do it in Mexico”.

There are means to making sure your investment in Mexico or Baja real estate is secure, you should know them and use them.

As with every investment you should use professionals with a good reputation and longevity, seek advice and use the legal system, it’s there for a reason.

The Federal Zone is the beachfront property up to 20 meters inland that not even Mexican citizens can own. Under the Federal Maritime Land Zone Law, this part of the Mexican territory belongs to the Federal Government.

If any foreigner or Mexican citizen were to make use of the land, they must request a concession from the Federal Government which will charge a fee that depends on the use that the portion of the property will be given. The concession is only temporary and the government may renew them for specific periods of time.


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