Banking in Mexico

If you are a resident of Mexico it is possible for you to open a dollar checking account on a Mexican bank staring at a $500 or $1,000 minimum deposit. You will need a valid picture ID (your passport), verification of your address such as a utility bill or your bank Lease or trust and your deposit.

Account Types
Just like in the US, Mexican Banks offer almost the same account types as in the US. The few differences reside in the possibility of having either a peso or dollar account. Most banks will offer you checking and savings with your choice in currency. Deposit Certificates are made in pesos only.

NOTE: All banking documentation is in Spanish. Consider this when going to bank to open an account. Bring someone you trust that speaks and reads Spanish.

ATM Service
All the banks in Rosarito have 24 hr. ATM service with some having ATMs in different locations in the city accepting cards from most U.S. banks. Have in mind that these machines will ONLY dispense pesos; your account in the U.S. is charged the current exchange rate at the time of the withdrawal plus a service fee (this fee will vary depending on the bank).

ATMs located in the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Festival Plaza Hotel will dispense dollars. A recommendation is that if possible, you check with your bank or check your online statement so you will know how much the fee for withdrawal is so you will have it in Consideration in the future. You can also pay with your check card but you may have an international transaction fee.    

Try making your purchases in pesos, banks offer better exchange rates for buying dollars, Banamex, HSBC, and Santander offer this service without requiring the money to be a deposit.