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Baja Real Estate Group is the premier on line resource for purchasing a home, selling a home, financing and property listings. Baja Real Estate Group can assist you with your real estate needs, whether it’s a house, condo or other type of property. Baja Real Estate has been doing business in Mexico since 1990.

Baja Real Estate Group have long standing relationships with reputable Mexican and American architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, land planners, contractors, lawyers and accountants, who work with their office and are available to serve their clientele in order to meet their specific needs.


About Baja Real Estate Group

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OwingInMexico.com - http://www.owninginmexico.com
Focusing in Mexico Real Estate
Mexico Real Estate - Real Estate In MexicoThis Baja Real Estate Group website is part of the Point2Homes Network. A real estate network where Agents from different locations share their property listings for a wider broadcast. The main goal of owninginmexico.com is to show visitors ocean front listings throughout Mexico. Since Agents from different parts of Mexico are sharing listings, the buyer gets a unique chance to browse properties from all over the country. However, a lot of these listings have not undergone a thorough due diligence process. This is where having a qualified Agent to assist you is recommended.  If you are interested in searching the entire Baja area for quality properties or other parts of Mexico owninginmexico.com is the website you are looking for. For ocean front properties just in Northern Baja, you should try BajaRealEstateGroup.net, which has a wide selection of safe Baja real estate properties available for purchase.




BajaRealEstateGroup.net - http://www.bajarealestategroup.net
Focusing in Northern Baja Real Estate.

Baja Real Estate - Real Estate In BajaThis Baja Real Estate Group website that you're browsing right now is our flagship site. We offer you a safe purchase on any of listings shown here, using title insurance and escrow as a part of the transaction at buyers request. We feature legal articles that answers the most commonly asked questions about buying real estate in Mexico. It is also a great source of information for those who are considering retiring or relocating to Baja. If you are considering retiring to Baja or purchasing ocean front  properties in the best communities in Northern Baja California BajaRealEstateGroup.net is for you. 

If you are interested in buying real estate in other Mexico locations like Los Cabos, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, we recommend you visit OwningInMexico.com.

We are happy to provide you with more information on any of our websites. Just send us an email through the form on the right →, or through our contact us page .