Veterenary Services in Baja California

One more worry you may have about your pet may be, where to get medical attention if needed. You can find a vet’s office, a clinic or a “granero” (which also carry farm supplies).

Here are just a few veterinary clinics you might want to print out and keep close by and some other services provided.

Veterinaria California
(664) 684-0945
Professional Groomer

Clínicas Veterinarias Mi + Cota
(664) 680-9615
Medicinal Baths, X-ray, Groomer

Veterinaria Terranova
(664) 682-0733
Groomer, Pet Supplies

Leon Clinica Veterinaria
(661) 120-0650
Bath,Hair Cut, Medical Service

Clinica Veterinaria Rosarito
(661) 612-1788
Bath, Hair Cuts

Mascotas Veterinaria
Grooming, House Calls

Veterinaria Gusmar
(646) 173-1298

La Raza Veterinaria
(646) 151-8958

Hospital Central Veterinario
(686) 568-4038
Grooming, Day Care, House Calls

Servicios Veterinarios Profesionales
(686) 562-3119
Groomer, Day Care

Prices for vaccines can start at around $100 pesos; de-worming form $80 pesos, surgeries can start from around $600 pesos depending on the surgery, prices vary depending on where you go with the lowest being in the ‘graneros’.

For grooming services, a good basic grooming with bath, a trim and perfume can start around $200 pesos.

Taking your pets back to the U.S.
Before leaving the U.S. to make sure to download the brochure from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the indications and requirements to take your pet back to the U.S.

Regulations vary depending on the border state you may be re-entering the U.S.