Mexico Retirement Paradise

Whether your vision of ideal retirement involves shopping, fishing, surfing, sunbathing, diving,hiking, mountain, climbing, parasailing, collecting crafts, partying, or fine dining, in Mexico you can engage all of these activities and many more.

Goods and services cost less, so you can afford the kinds of luxuries only the very wealthy enjoy up north: a maid, a cook, and a gardener for example. In your retirement here, you'll have time to volunteer at the local school, golf in the mornings, relax on the beach… time to savor life.

Mexico is such a diverse nation that everybody can find exactly what they want: beautiful, warm oceans, crystal-clear tropical lakes, fertile farmlands, temperate-but-majestic mountains, starkly gorgeous deserts, small towns or sophisticated cities.

And because of its geographic diversity, you can also choose your favorite climate: from warm and dry to warm and sultry to spring-like temperatures all year .

Moving to Mexico means you can still have all the comforts you are used to north of the border.

And if you're looking for the home of your dreams, you can find it in Mexico—for much less than it would cost you most anywhere in the US or Canada.

The real estate market offers endless possibilities for your retirement.