Referral Fee Program

The Baja Real Estate Group Referral Fee Program.

Baja Real Estate Group Referral Fee ProgramWith over 36 years of combined experience in Mexican real estate, we are one of the most successful real estate brokers in Northern Baja. Our commitment to ethics, excellence in client representation and market expertise has rewarded us with the preference of individuals and professionals alike. As of now, we currently represent the two strongest real estate developments in the Northern Baja California beachfront area as well as the most desirable real estate listings in Baja.

We would like to invite you, the real estate professional, to be part of our success and share with you a new world of opportunity in one of the most attractive real estate markets in the world.

The Program
While representation of a buyer through a American agent is not legal in Mexico, as the Professional real estate Agent needs the proper work permit to do so and cannot work out of their licensed area; Agents will almost always let go of such opportunities and will avoid them altogether. As these permits are not cost effective for a single transaction and due to the fact that it is very time consuming. Things get more complicated when you add travel arrangements, expenses and Mexican taxes. It's no wonder why Agents avoid this.

With this in mind, we created the Mexico real estate referral fee program. It basically works just as your ordinary real estate referral commission fees, with the main difference that this is done across countries. Through our program, American Agents have the opportunity to expand their markets without them needing to be experts in the area.

How do I sign up?
Visit our sister site and just fill in the form to the right. We will send you the proper information via email. We will then ask you to verify your inclusion via our hosting company's' opt-in software. This is to meet our host's policies on spam

Frequently Asked Questions
How much is the fee to sign up for our Mexico Real Estate Referral Program?

It is Free! There is absolutely no cost for inclusion. If you receive a message stating otherwise than you know it is a scam.

How will I know that my client will be protected when buying real estate in Baja or Mexico?
We Escrow Company's, Title Company's and Bond Company's.

Do I get a referral off of your Baja rentals or your Fly and Buy program?
No, your referral is based on sales.

How long will it take before I get paid my Baja referral fee?
You get paid at the same time we get paid.

Will I have to pay taxes on this money?
Your accountant should provide you with more accurate information.

Do you work also with Real Estate Agencies or just Agents?
Both. We work with Agencies and their Agents.

When I register a client with the Baja Real Estate Group, what happens after that?

  • We will ask you for general information about your clients.
  • A phone interview with your clients is done (your participation is optional).
  • At the time of the phone interview we will assign an Agent to your clients and start sending them information built on their criteria,
  • We then help schedule accommodations for them with a Baja Rental or one of our participating Hotels, Condos or Homes.

Is the Violence on TV about Mexico affecting the Americans.
NO! And it is greatly exaggerated. The most current news of an American family took place 2 years ago. Please contact me for more information and testimonials about the area from Americans living and visiting here to share with you clients.

Baja Real Estate Group apologizes for some of the errors received when verifying your inclusion. Please note that once you register and verify, even if you receive an error, it is due to the heavy traffic tn our website and we still are receiving and logging all requests.

Thank you for your Business.