Authorities In Mexico

Police Authorities in Mexico

Municipal Police
Police Authorities in MexicoThese are the city police and you will find them patrolling the city, preventing crime and providing assistance. If by any chance you are stopped DO NOT try and bribe the officer, it’s illegal; insist on getting a ticket, you can even pay on the spot, some, if not all police cars carry terminals on which you can pay your ticket with your check or credit card; and if you feel the infraction is unfair you can appeal but it must be done right away by appearing in front of the judge or dial 078 for assistance.

State Judicial Police
As part of the State Attorney General’s office they are responsible for investigating, and dissuading crimes and carrying out arrest warrants. They drive unmarked cars and have no uniforms.

Federal Judicial Police
It’s part of the Attorney General’s office and investigated federal crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, contraband and are brought in to investigate crimes related to organized crime.

If you wouldn’t do it in the U.S., don’t do it in Mexico.

Federal Highway Police
They can be seen patrolling the highways in their black and white cars, monitoring traffic and verifying documents, their jurisdiction is the federal highways and supervise ports and federal areas.

Public Treasury Police
This police department is found in the port of entry and verifies the legal entrance of vehicles and merchandise into the country. They drive the blue Dodge Ram Pickup trucks that will chase you if you don’t pull over when you get the red light at the border.

Tourist Police
The task of this newly created english speaking police is better able to communicate with visitors, provide help and assistance, and if any infractions should occur they are the only police authorized to impose a sanction to visitors, they patrol the most visited areas of the city in their black and white cars with “Policia Turistica” written on the sides.

Military Check Points
Although finding your self nearing a military check point can be intimidating the fact is that it has helped in capturing criminals, detecting stolen vehicles, confiscating weapons and narcotics among other things they are an asset to local law enforcement.